International Champion Afelio Yamila





Born August 15, 2012


MCO n 22

HCM DNA N/N - Tested by us through Laboklin, August 2013.

HCM scanned free by pawpeds certified vet - 19.05.14

HD X-ray : Hips are clear. Photos taken Nov. 11th 2013

PL: 0.0

PK  N/N by Laboklin

SMA N/N by Laboklin

PK and SMA results recieved on September 17th, 2013.


Yamila have now made it trough all the health tests we wanted to do on her before breeding with perfect results! :-) Yamilas mother is heart scanned clear. Her father is not heart scanned but both parents are DNA tested hcm n/n.

Yamila is a lovely big girl. During the winter her weight was at its highest 6,5kg - now (april 2014) it is more around 6,3 kg - but she is a big and massive female. She is, most importantly, as healthy as they get.






Lara 14mnd0230_edited-2-for-web-largeChaos 1år 1046_edited-1-for-web-normal

               Mother: Afelio Lara Croft                     Father: Afelio Osiris Chaos