Our catteryname is Glassrosens. Directly translated it is a rose of glass, but it means much more to us. My daughter and I share a common love for cats, and we wanted to start a cattery together. My daughter is now 21, and when she was 3 - and her brother 6 - their father died of cancer. He grew up at a small island in the southern part of Norway, and we have a summerhouse there. On the property there is a small hill called Glassberg, and we use to go up on the hill in the summer - just sit there and look at the view. From this point - highest on the island - we can see the ocean in almost all directions, and we can see the ships passing far out. The house is build in 1850, and it was the first school at the island. Classes were held at the ground floor, and teachers family lived at the first floor. The house is surrounded by many old roses, and the roses always reminds us of this place. Putting together these two words into Glassrosens make a symbol for us. Glass is for the mountain - strength and ability to make everything you wish for happen.... The rose is for inheritance and family, and the whole word "Glassroses" is everything put together and also to show that life is fragile like glass and can easily go apart...

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All pictures taken by Cecilie Midtgaard