The plans might change when it comes to the father of the litters. 

All matings are free from the lines of Patriarca Gucci - see more

information in the Health section.

 And HCM N/N.

We do not sell cats to Asia or Australia.

Look at our Current Litters page, which is always updated with our current kittens.

The only two girls left in our plans for a while are these two, we're waiting for them to come into heat, but it does not look like that will happen any time soon:p We also do not really have a boy for White Queen after we put Dino on a suprelorin chip, so her litter is not likely to happen any time soon :) 




             NO*Glassrosens White Queen  



19576189_10209861225548613_788271815_n          14047301_10207325665201189_2613893251418305761_o

NO*Glassrosens Don't Stop Me Now                              NO*Glassrosens Lana del Rey