The plans might change when it comes to the father of the litters. 

All matings are PG-free   And HCM n/n.

We do not sell cats to Asia or Australia.

Our lovely females are a little slow on getting their heats this year, so we are just waiting... :) But we do have two small litters, look at our Current Litters page for those :) 



Gina have been with Dino, and it appears that we are expecting kittens

around October 28, 2017 


16991601_10212422405619454_1059503684298177095_o-2          18518329_10209548714456031_4632961224806556721_o

DE Wanderduene Dino                                   DK Kittydolls Gina        



Will hopefully be mated at next heat


16991601_10212422405619454_1059503684298177095_o-2          18517994_10209548786457831_2886473186740267067_o

DE Wanderduene Dino                                            NO*Glassrosens White Queen




Dino has been visiting Valentina, and we might get kittens

from this combination around November 21, 2017 :)


16992419_10212422404859435_5853886352148101217_o          15182586_10157685959625548_1343029425_o

         DE Wanderduene Dino                                NO*Glassrosens Valentina Teresjkova



Epica have visited Dino - if the mating was successful kittens will

arrive around November 17, 2017 :)


16992112_10212422405699456_2408868433339050143_o          19911543_10213749505396119_1305432412_o

                 DE Wanderduene Dino                                         NO*Glassrosens Epica




19576189_10209861225548613_788271815_n          14047301_10207325665201189_2613893251418305761_o

NO*Glassrosens Don't Stop Me Now                              NO*Glassrosens Lana del Rey