Our plans for 2013

2013-03-14 22:01

I have made a collage to show which matings we are planning for Romano in 2013.  IZelda and Ulrika are expecting kittens in April.  We will mate Kiwi when she she get her next heat.  Valencia will probably be mated in June/july, and we wil also probably mate IZabelle later this year.  

Parringer 2013

Changes in our breeding program

2013-03-14 12:10

Lately we have made - from different reasons - some changes in our breeding programs.  Some cats are taken out of the program without having kittens.  Reason for this might be that we have found that they are not developing as we hoped from the beginning.  The cats listed under Queens and Kings are the cats we have in our program today.

We have decided to keep Kiwimagic Chocolate Kissed and Guysndolls Mr. Showman's daughter Lady Morgana of Pendragon.  Morgana will probably be living in a fosterhome in Fredrikstad, together with Valencia from the Spanish litter.


AU Guysndolls MR. Showman is not happy living as a fertile.  We have therefore decided that he will be neutered in the end of next week, and he will be rehomed as a neuter.  We want him to come to a home were he can get tons of attention.  



2013-01-15 12:57

Just posting another picture of Morgana - sweetest baby ever :D


Lady Morgana 5 weeks old

2013-01-14 12:24

Daughter of NZ Kiwimagic Chocolate Kissed and AU Guysndolls Mr. Showman is now 5 weeks old.  Her weight was today 720 gram, and she is a beautiful big girl. :)


Kiwi´s babies are born

2012-12-12 17:41

NZ Kiwimagic Chocolate Kissed gave birth to 3 kittens, Sunday December 9, 2012.  The kittens were from 81 to 99 gram at birth - 2 girls and 1 boy.  Monday one of the girls had lost a lot of weight while the other two had gained quite a bit.  The tiny girl would not eat, and we lost her Monday afternoon.


Today the other kittens are doing great.  The girl was the biggest at birth, 99 gram.  This afternoon her weight has gone up to 163 gram.  The little boy was 84 gram at birth and this afternoon he was 138.  

It seems like the girl is a seal or chocolate colourpoint, and the boy is a blue or chocolate bicolour.  This time we have decided to call them the litter after persons from the city of Camelot in the medevial - The Camelot litter.

The little girls name will be Lady Morgana, and the boys name will be Sir Lancelot :)

Changing our mind again :)

2012-10-28 21:03

We have - once again - changed our mind when it comes to what we shall do with Wisconsin.  We have now decided to let Lumos Maxima go - and will keep Wisconsin in the cattery.


Capital litter

2012-10-27 23:27

October 21, 2012 - NO*Glassrosens IZabelle RAG n 04 21 delivered a litter of 6 kittens - 3 boys and 3 girls.  Father of the litter is GIC DK Kittyrags Humphrey and this is his last litter. The kittens are living with our host family John and Rasmus :)  Today it seems like there are 2 colourpoints - one of each sex.  It also seems like there are 2 mitted babyes - also one of each sex and maybe 2 bicolours :)  What colour - and whether they are lynx or not - we do not know at the moment :)


Kiara has moved to her new home

2012-10-17 09:05

NO*Glassrosens Precious Kiara was neutered a few weeks ago, and has now moved to her new home.  After only a couple of days she has settled in perfectly with the family, and she truly loves all the attention she is getting there.  It is good to see how much pleasure they are giving each other :)  

This is Kiara in her new home:)


Valencia has moved, and Sevilla is AVAILABLE

2012-10-17 08:57

We decided to keep Valencia in the cattery.  She has already moved to her hostfamily and forever home with Hilde and her family.  Hilde lives in Graåker in Fredrikstad, and we are very pleased to have found a hostfamily so close to us :)  This also means that Sevilla is now available for a new loving family.


Sonatina is NOT pregnant

2012-10-16 09:12

Sonatina has gone into heat again, and are unfortunately not pregnant with Humphrey.  There will therefore not be any litter from this combinations since Humphrey now is neutered.  We are still considering who we will mate her to.