Valencia have had visit from Romano - again.

2013-09-07 18:17

Unfortunately, Valencia was not pregnant after all.  A couple of weeks before we were expecting the kittens she went into heat, and Romano visisted her from Tuesday to Thursday this week.  So - now we are hoping for kittens from her in the beginning of November :)


A Winter's Tale and Bohemian Rhapsody

2013-09-03 23:51

A Winter's Tale will leave for a cattery in France - and Bohemian Rhadsody will stay with us in the cattery for further evaluation.  We will decide later this year wheather she will be a part of our breeding plans - or not.

The New York litter is now 3 weeks old, and we will probably keep the only female, Tribeca RAG n 03 21, in our breeding program.




News from the latest weeks

2013-09-01 13:43

Our sweet Humphrey has been ill, and is still not well.  He is now home with us with and we are giving him medication 3 times every day.  There is a problem with his intesials and his liver.  This - and other not so pleasant happenings - has made us change our plans for the future.  We decided to let Dundee go - and he has now left for his new family, and a petlife.  We sent Kiwimagic Chocolate Kiss away together with her son Magic.  She will now be neutered, and will live a petlife together with her son :)

A WInter's Tale will stay in the cattery - but we decided to let Made in Heaven go, and she has now moved to her new family and will live a petlife :)

Today I spoke to Valencia's hostfamily, and it seems like Valancia is not pregnant.  She is probably starting a new heat, and we will probably send Romano visiting later this week.


Received test results from Laboklin today

2013-08-05 17:09

Test results from Laboklin shows that both Afelio Yamila, and Kjernekrokens Dundee are HCM N/N.  Dundee is also a chocolate carrier :)


Master Luwin left us today.

2013-07-18 20:01

NO*Glassrosens Master Luwin - from the Game of Thrones litter - left for his new home today, and that means that alle the kittens now have gone to their new homes.  Expect for Olina from the Oskar Braaten litter - she is going to stay with Ulrika, Matilde and Christina till later this summer :)


A Winter's Tale will stay with us :)

2013-07-18 18:21

We have decided that the lilac mitted female - A Winter's Tale - will stay with us in our cattery.  


We have not made any final decitions yet for the other kittens.  We have someone interested in Bohemian Rhapsody, and we will decide within a week weather the other two kittens will be available as pets.

IZabelle is pregnant :)

2013-06-30 00:07

NO*Glassrosens IZabelle - RAG n 04 21 are expecting kittens around August 13, 2013.  Father of the litter is S*Bebble's Doll Romano - RAG b 03 HM.  This will be IZabelle'a 2nd and last litter :)

PicMonkey Collageizogromano

New pictures of Dundee :)

2013-06-17 01:35

Our new boy is now 10 weeks old and we have got a couple of new pictures of him.  His weight is now a bit more than 1,4 kg.

PicMonkey Collage11

Tiffany had to go to Vestberg quarantene station

2013-06-14 00:45

Unfortunately Tiffany´s microchip had gone missing and we were not allowed to bring her home with us when we came from Malaga.  She is now at Vestberg quarantene station in Skiptvet.  At the station she got a new microchip and a new rabies shot, and we will pick her up June 25, 2013.  These picturs are from our visit at the station.



New boy will be here in the end of June :)

2013-06-01 00:45

We wll bring a new boy into the cattery in the end of June 2013.  This time we will - once again - bring in a sweet blue bicolour boy - this time a High Mitted :)