Tiffany and Bohemian Rhapsody

2014-01-12 21:27

Tiffany and BR are growing up.  Tiffany is now 11 months old, and have gained quite a bit of weight the last months - she is not a very big cat, but now she is in great condition.  Her body is well in propotions, her colour is very nice and the fur has a very good quality.  Her eyecolour is fantastic, and she is so beautiful so everyone who sees her just love her looks.  

Bohemian Rhapsody is 7 months old now, and are close to 4 kg.  She is a big girl with a strong body and fantastic fur.  Her profile could have been better, and we would have liked her eyecolour to be better.  Both the girls are very sweet and cuddly.  The plan is to mate Tiffany to Romano sometime in the spring 2014.  We have not checked if she is diluted, so most probably all the kittens will become seal bicolour HM chocolate carrers.  If Tiffany is diluted there might be blue bicolours too :)



IZelda is back in the cattery

2013-11-07 14:28

Due to allergy NO*Glassrosens IZelda is now back in the cattery.  We have made plans for her 2nd litter, and we have probably found a nice big male for her.  If things goes as planned she will be mated now in November 2013 - she is normally having regular heats.   After the litter - who will grow up with us - we will decide weather she will stay with us. 

nalas m foreldre

NY litter has been to their first health check :)

2013-10-24 08:16

Monday October 21, 2013 - the New York litter had their first health check and vaccination.  All of them were examined with no remarks - weight from 1,25 (Bronx), 1,3 (Tribeca) and the rest around 1,4 kg.  We have made a reservation for a new vaccination and health check on November 11, 2013.  We have also made reservation for neutering of Harlem, Hudson, Brooklyn and Bronx :)  This will be the first time we deliver a litter with neutered boys - and we will continue to do this in the future.  New owners can pick them up a few days after the neutering :)


Madison stays in cattery breeding program.

2013-10-14 11:27

We have decided to keep Madison RAG n 04 21, in our breeding program for the years to come.  We will try to find a fosterhome for him around Fredrikstad.  


Vestsvenska Kattklubben's Catshow

2013-09-29 21:59

Saturday 29, 2013 we attended the catshow in Gothenburg.  IP NO*Glassrosens Mellom Fellow took his third CAGPIB and is now an International Premier.  Big congrats to Mellow and his owner Marthe. 


CH Afelio Yamila took her first CACIB :)


Valencia is not pregnant

2013-09-29 21:57

We did an ultra-sound on Valencia last week, and unfortunately she was not pregnart.  We must now consider to try another male for the next mating.

Valencia have had visit from Romano - again.

2013-09-07 18:17

Unfortunately, Valencia was not pregnant after all.  A couple of weeks before we were expecting the kittens she went into heat, and Romano visisted her from Tuesday to Thursday this week.  So - now we are hoping for kittens from her in the beginning of November :)


A Winter's Tale and Bohemian Rhapsody

2013-09-03 23:51

A Winter's Tale will leave for a cattery in France - and Bohemian Rhadsody will stay with us in the cattery for further evaluation.  We will decide later this year wheather she will be a part of our breeding plans - or not.

The New York litter is now 3 weeks old, and we will probably keep the only female, Tribeca RAG n 03 21, in our breeding program.




News from the latest weeks

2013-09-01 13:43

Our sweet Humphrey has been ill, and is still not well.  He is now home with us with and we are giving him medication 3 times every day.  There is a problem with his intesials and his liver.  This - and other not so pleasant happenings - has made us change our plans for the future.  We decided to let Dundee go - and he has now left for his new family, and a petlife.  We sent Kiwimagic Chocolate Kiss away together with her son Magic.  She will now be neutered, and will live a petlife together with her son :)

A WInter's Tale will stay in the cattery - but we decided to let Made in Heaven go, and she has now moved to her new family and will live a petlife :)

Today I spoke to Valencia's hostfamily, and it seems like Valancia is not pregnant.  She is probably starting a new heat, and we will probably send Romano visiting later this week.


Received test results from Laboklin today

2013-08-05 17:09

Test results from Laboklin shows that both Afelio Yamila, and Kjernekrokens Dundee are HCM N/N.  Dundee is also a chocolate carrier :)