Mim have been sick

2017-11-17 16:16

On Friday the 10th Madam Mim, "Mimi", got her second vaccine. When we arrived at the vets they could not find her microchip, so they had to do an x-ray to see if it was there - Mimi hates being still so that was rather tricky. As it turns out, it was gone - so she needed a new microchip. She really hated that. When we got home after vaccine, x-ray and a new microchip Mimi was not feeling well:( The next days she kept losing weight, she have lost over 300 grams in total. So at the moment she is way too skinny. We went to the vets with her, but it didn't help much - so on Wednesday we hospitalized her and got her home again Thursday evening. 

Now she is already doing better, she is eating and is more active and alert. We think she will be all better again - and hopefully soon   She was supposed to move to her host family, Synne and family, today - but she has to wait untill she is all better. 

This is the very first time we have gotten a reaction on the Purevax RCP vaccine, our previous reactions have all been on Nobivac. The stress of the whole situation might have been the cause though. We're just happy to see Mimi recovering 


Lise will no longer be a part of our cattery

2017-11-12 00:29

NO*Glassrosens Lise Meitner will soon be transferred to her host owner Siril, with the newly started cattery NO*Arctic Sapphire. We have made a trade with Siril so that she will be allowed to get Lise in her cattery, and NO*Arctic Sapphire Yara Greyjoy - from her very first litter will join our cattery   Lise is a really gorgeous girl (RAG n 03 21), and we are confident she will give Siril gorgeous babies! Since Siril is a student and doesn't have unlimited space we agreed it would be nice for her to be able to have Lise as she already lives with them, and Siril can have her kittens at home. 

We look forward to getting Yara and think this trade is a good solution   If you are interested in a Lise kitten you must now speak to cattery NO*Arctic Sapphire :) 

Siril have really been the perfect host owner for Lise (and previously her mother Tribeca, who is the proud mother of Siril's very first own litter). We are very excited that she decided to start her own cattery :) 


Lise above and Yara below :)


Edgar is on hold

2017-11-11 11:20

Edgar is now on hold, and will be leaving in the middle of December.  He had his rabies shot yesterday as he is going abroad.  Madam Mim had her second vaccination, and will leave for her new family next Friday :)  She will be a part of our cattery, and live in a fosterhome with Synne and family.  She will be living together with her two neutered halfbrothers from Luzi´s first litter :)  She will be joining us in some shows.  First show for her will be Adelkatten in February 2018.

The kittens from the Bacteria litter - growing up in Cattery Arctic Sapphire - will be ready to leave from November 24th :)  The two boys are both sold as pets.  The female, Serratia Marcescens, will be a breeding queen for a new breeder, Sigrid Gilleboe.  Sigrid has the catteryname NO*Sommereika, and Serratia will be her second female in the cattery.  She also has a female from Røyseliraggen in Lillehammer.



Edgar is available for a small breeder

2017-11-09 00:06

We have decided that Edgar might be available for a small breeder.  If you are interested in Edgar send us a message with information about your cattery, tell a bit about your breeding plans and size of cattery.  We do not export to Asia or Poland - and neither to Germany or Hungary from this litter.



Edgar stays a while for evaluation :)

2017-11-01 11:16

 We have decided not to sell Edgar at the moment, but are considering keeping him in the cattery for further evaluation.  We can use Edgar to most of our females, and will probably keep him while we are waiting for the evaluation of Here´s Johnny, from our Halloween litter.  We will also consider selling him to a small experienced breeder - or placing him in a fosterhome.  Even a co-ownership could be interesting.  Send an email to if you are interested in either of these proposals.


The Gino babies are here

2017-10-30 17:10

Gina and Dino's litter have finally arrived   She was due on Saturday, and they arrived today, Monday. Gina got 3 lovely babies, she had an easy birth and coped extremely well for being a first time mother 💕 This is our Halloween litter, as they were born almost on Halloween :D 

You can find them on our Current Litters page, their names are:

Bloody Mary

Baba Yaga

Here's Johnny


Blood tests

2017-10-23 21:40

Today we tested 

Mirumkitty Lucrezia

Emilio de la Buena Estrella

NO*Glassrosens Edgar Balthazar

NO*Glassrosens Madam Mim

NO*Glassrosens White Queen

They are all blood type A - according to our Alvedia test kits   NO*Glassrosens Lisa have been tested and is also A, and her babies will be tested in a few weeks when they are a little older :) We have no reason to suspect that anyone have blood type B, but it's good to to be certain. 



















Long time no see

2017-10-17 13:13

It's been a very long time since we have used this function on our website. Not since Humphrey died. However we feel it is time to use it again, since it is a nice way to publish news.

We have decided that Madam Mim will move to a hostfamily, which means she will still be a part of our cattery, but she wil live with another family. She will live with two neutered boys from Lucrezia's  first litter. 

Our neutered Persian girl Maki - "Schneiders Everlyn" - went to a show this weekend (October 14th and 15th, 2017) and got very nice judgements both days. On Sunday she was also Nominated for the BIS panel. 

Gina's first litter is expected in about two weeks - so we are looking very much forward to that :D

Today, October 17th, Dino got a suprelorin chip and will thus soon be like a neuter again. Which means when it comes to the mating plans for NO*Glassrosens White Queen we are not yet sure what to do. 


GIC DK KIttyrags Humphrey is dead

2014-02-03 15:09

January 20, 2014, we said goodbye to our beloved sweet darling GIC DK Kittyrags Humphrey.  He will always be living in our hearts.  








Still waiting for successful matings...

2014-02-03 14:55

Romano has been visiting Valencia again - this is the 4th time.  If she not gets pregnant this time we must make other plans for her.  IZelda has been visiting Wisconsin, but I have not seen any matings, and Wisconsin have not fully understood what to do.  We still have hope that he has been able to mate her.  This weekend we have had Morgana visiting Romano - but it remains to see if there will be any results from the weekend.  She has been in full heat - but she really does not like Romano much....  In a few weeks will will know if there will be any kittens in a couple of months....