A new female will join our cattery this autumn :)

2018-08-02 16:13

This sweet little girl, NO*Sevgi’s Caraway aka Cara 😻 - will join our cattery this autum.  Her parents are NO*Glassrosens Soline and NO*Glassrosens Don´t Stop Me Now aka Oliver :)  Soline is from Dino´s first litter, so Cara is his grandaughter <3  Anette Johannesen Nernes is the owner of both Soline and Oliver, and we are very happy to get a grandaughter of Dino back home to us :) Cara is also grandaughter of Diamond Dash - from her first and only litter, so this return of a blue girl - although she is mitted and not colorpoint - is very appreciated :)  


Ulrika has passed away

2018-07-30 16:11

Today one of our foundation queens was put to sleep.  Ulrika Unreal Ragdolls*ES was the mother of Bumble Bee, grandmother of Wisconsin, great-grandmother of Hector Barbossa and Diamond Dash, and great-great grandmother of the generations we are working with today <3  Ulrika moved in with a host-family many years ago, and had 2 litters with Christina.  Before she left she had one litter here with us, but she did not like to live with so many other cats.  That is why she moved to Christina, were she has been a very spoiled only cat.  She used to join Christina on vaccations, and was in the northern part of Norway several times.  Christina had hoped for many more years with Ulrika, but she developed cancer :(  Rest in Peace sweet Ulrika <3


Females available for adoption

2018-07-29 21:36

Unfortunataly Gina did not get along with new owners cat, so we decided to bring her back to us.  She will stay here until we find a new perfect home for her.  We want a home were she can be the only cat, and she is not used to small children and will not be very patient with them.  We therefore look for a home were children are teenagers or older :)  We want her to live a place were she can be allowed to go in and out freely in a very safe environment.  Adoption fee for Gina will be NOK 3500,-.



The kittens from the Drag-Show litters are 11 and 9 weeks old now, and will have first vaccination, health check and mikrochip on Tuesday.  When the kittens leave we will need to find a new home for Mirumkitty Lucrezia and White Queen.  Both will be neutered now, and we want them to live together since they love each other deeply <3  Adoption fee for Luzi and WQ will be cost of neutering.  If you are interested in Gina, or Luzi and WQ - please send an email to and tell us a bit about what you can offer the cats :)


Luzi above


White Queen above


We was visition NO*Glassrosens Here´s Johnny and his hostfamily a week ago, and took some new pictures of him.  He is growing very nicely, and is getting big.  Hopefully he will father some litters later this year, and the beginning of 2019.






Anuket is now a Junior Winner

2018-07-04 17:29

NO*Glassrosens Anuket, who is living with our dear friend Ambra Mari and her husband Pierre Oliver, attended a cat show in Swiss June 30th and July 1st :)  At this show Anuket did great again - took her 5th BIS - and is now a Junior Winner :)


Kittens born

2018-05-29 11:43

May 16th 2018,  Mirumkitty Lucrecia gave birth to one single kitten.  It is a little boy and his name will be NO*Glassrosens Ru Paul    This will be Luzi´s last litter as our plan is to neuter and re-home her when Ru haas left for his new home :)

May 29th 2018, White Queen gave birth to 6 kittens    All kittens are blue bicolor.  Since they were born just a few hours ago we have still not checked the sex.  If there is a nice female in the litter we will keep her and probably neuter and re-home WQ together with her mother Luzi since they are so very close.  Now they are sharing the kittens from both litters and all are staying in one birth box :)  Update on sex will be done at our Kittens page :) 


Anuket got 2 more BIS in France - Emilio has left

2018-05-13 20:11

Anuket did it again :)  Ambra was at the catshow in Aix les Bains in France yesterday and today, and Anuket was BIS both days.  In 4 shows she now have 4 BIS :)  So proud of what she and Ambra achives together in the showhalls :)


Baybe picture of Anuket above :)

Today we sent Emilio back to his breeder in Germany and he will be living there with Birgit and Andreas.  We are expecting his first litter any time now - Luzi is on day 62 today :)



Some results from Norak Catshow

2018-05-09 14:16

We have brought home Amunet and Mary, and they will be staying with us now. They have been in a temporary home for a few weeks since we had a problem with Emlio wanting to mate the kittens.   Emilio will go back to Germany to his breeder this weekend, since both we and Cattery Raggedly Yours now have mated the females we wanted to use him for.  We are expecting two litters from Emilio, and Elisabeth has mated one female.  Now we just have to wait and see what will come :)  

At the Norak Cat Show last weekend we were a rather big group of fosterfamilies and breeders with cats from us participating.  We brought the following cats:  Here´s Johnny, Bloody Mary, Amunet and Yara.  We also brought Dina as breeder male and Cecilie´s persian cat Maki.  With new owners McQueen (class 12), Elliot (class 10). Serratia (class 11) - Elliot, Amunet, Johnny, Serratia and McQueen all got nominated.  McQueen was BIV in class 12 and got 2 votes in the panel but lost since Donatella (extra judge) preferred the other kitten.  Maki was also nominated.  Dino became best breeding male.


Jack Skellington has moved in

2018-04-10 16:40

A couple of days ago our new boy from NO*Whimsical´s Cattery in Oslo moved in with us.  NO*Whimsical´s Jack Skellington is son of NO*Glassrosens River Song and our german import male DE Wanderduene Dino.  Dino´s last litter before he was put on another suprelorin chip late last autum.  Jack will, together with Here´s Johnny, be one of our breeding males in the years to come.  

We are now expecting kittens from HU Mirumkitty Lucrezia and DE Emilio de la Buena Estrella.  Kittens are due in the middle of May.  It is possible that Emilio also have mated White Queen, but it is a bit early to say.  If WQ is not pregnant with Emilio we might have other plans for her :)  Will update about this a bit later.  


Visiting the Scandinavian Winner Show 2018 in Gothenburg

2018-04-02 21:31

Saturday March 31st we drove down to Gothenburg to meet breeder friends and visit the SWS 2018.  We did not bring any cats, but just walked around meeting people, and looked at some of the ragdoll judgements :)  Only 3 ragdolls was nominated to Best in Show - all from the same judge.  

While attending the show we got a message from Ambra that Anuket was doing great at the FIFe show in Cluny, France.  She was EX1, BIV and NOM for the BIS.  Later in the afternoon she informed us that she became Best in Show and best kitten/youngster at the show.  Such great results at Anuket´s very first show - just a few days past 4 months.  

We spent the evening with some breeder friends, eating and having fun.  Next morning we drove back to Fredrikstad and the other cats :)  Later in the afternoon Ambra told us that Anuket had the same results at the show this day and became BIS and Best kitten and youngster again :)  


All the kittens has moved to new homes :)

2018-03-30 18:46

All the kittens has now moved to their new homes :)  Amunet has moved to Halden to Liss and Valentina, and for a while Mary has joined them too.  We will try to move Liss´s cats a bit back and forth so they can get used to the ones living her, and this will make it easier for us when we need "catsitters".  Amunet will have a playmate in Mary, and they are already good friends :)  Amunets sister Anuket has moved to France to Cattery Ragalaxy and our very good friend Ambra and her husband Pierre Oliver :)  Amun-Ra stays with Michelle and Ketil and will live there together with Epica.  Epica will have 2 more litters for Glassrosens, and Amun-Ra will be neutered in a while. 

Johnny has moved to a fosterfamily in Moss, and will be one of our future studs together with NO*Whimsical Jack Skellington.  Jack is son in Glassrosens River Song and Dino - and the plan is that he shall live here in Fredrikstad with me.  

Gina is starting to gain weight now after the kittens and the neuterering, and we will be looking for a new home for her when she is fully recovered.  Best solution will be a home where she can be an only cat, and since she loves to be outside she need a home with a secured cat-run.  She is also a small Houdini and need the catsrun to be totally closed.  If you think you can offer her a perfect home please send us a few words to my mailadress: :)  Gina in the picture below.