Cloudberry is available

2019-03-20 15:02

We have had Cloudberry on hold to see if she should stay in the cattery.  When we suddenly discovered that Cloudberry, "Multe", was a boy and not a girl he is now a available for reserveration as a pet.  Preferably we would like him to move to a new home together with his mother Epica who is to be neutered now.  Epica loves to be outside in a safe environment so a secured catrun or balkony is essensial for her.  If you are interested in Cloudberry and also want to give a new home for his mother Epica, please write me a message at: - and I will come back to you as fast as possible.











Looking for a new home for Epica

2019-02-16 11:53

Epica will be neutered when the kittens are around 14 weeks old, and she will be available for a new family.  Epica does not fit into our group of cats, and we want to find a new home where she can forever be the only pet.  She does not like our dogs either.  So we will be looking for a new home with no other cats, no dogs or other pets and childen must be more than 1o years old.  It takes some time to get to know Epica, but when she feels safe she is a wonderful girl.  If you feel you can provide a really nice home for Epica you can already now get in touch with us, and maybe come visiting her :)


Yara´s kittens are booked

2019-02-16 10:14

All the kittens in the litter from Yara and Johnny are now booked/reserved.  We will not be keeping any from this combinations, but are evaluating the female kitten, Cloudberry, from Epica and Johnny´s litter.  The boy, Blueberry, is still under evaluation and might be available in a few weeks.  Even if he does not have correct markings on his front legs we will keep him under evaluations for breed for a while as he is a big boy with a super head and profile :)

We are hoping for Joey to be fertile soon, and we will then mate both Amunet and Mary.  Cara and Eleganza will probably be mated sometimes in the summer or autumn.  

Johnny will be neutered in a few months, and might be available for stud service a couple of times.  :)

51440646_10214118521218344_6099638697521577984_n (1)

 Blueberry - 4 weeks above

Epica and Johnny´s kittens are born

2019-01-13 13:02

Two days ago, January 11th 2019, Epica gave birth to two kittens.  One girl and one boy, and today we can see that both the kittens have a mitted pattern which we are very pleased with since it is quite a while since we had another pattern than bicolor HM.  At the moment we are not sure if any of the kittens will become lynx.  For further kittens this year we are now waiting for Starring Joey to become fertile, and we will then mate Amunet and Mary.  Hopefully soon as Joey now is 8 months old :)  Later this year we will mate Cara and Eleganza - probably kittens from them this autumn.  We will soon update our plans for 2019 :)


Yara and Johnny´s kittens are born

2018-12-14 18:01

On December 13th 2018, Yara delivered her kittens.  The first 4 kittens were born within just 45 minutes.  Kitten number five unfortunately had to be put down as he had the intestines on the outside of the body    Yara was very very tired now, and the last baby was dead when she finally managed to push him out - he was born with the feets firs and the birth sack was broken for too long.  Rest in Peace little ones    Now we are hoping that the 4 others will grow up nicely, and we look very much forward to see how they develop.  This is the first litter for both Yara and Johnny 

Freddy has now moved to a new home

2018-11-22 19:38

NO*Whimsical´s Jack Skellington aka Freddie has now moved to Czech Republic to live with our friends Martina and Petra.  Unfortunately we had no females for him so we could not see any good reason to keep him our cattery - even if we love him.  With this solution we can go and and visit him if we like and his genes can ble used for the good of our breed :)



We have found a new home for Luzi and WQ

2018-11-11 14:59

Luzi (Miumkitty Lucrezia) and White Queen will move to their new home in the end of November :)  They will be living with a very nice family in Hønefoss, and they will be living together :)  We are very happy for them <3

Lucrezia and White Queen has been neutered

2018-11-02 20:20

Yesterday, November 1st, Luzi and White Queen was neutered and was officially retired from our breeding program   WQ was retired after one litter so she can join her mother Luzi in a new home as they are so attached to each other   It's a little sad to neuter WQ after only one litter, but we can not seperate them   


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Gina has moved

2018-09-09 14:56

Gina has now moved to a new owner, and we are really hoping that this will be the right home for her.  She is now living with a grown up lady who lives in a house where she can be allowed to roam freely on the outside - hunting bugs and maybe some other things :)

Most of the kittens from the Drag-litters have now moved to their new families.  Left with us at the moment is Boogie - who still is available - and Shantay.  Shantay is still here because she had a reaction after her first vaccination and not are gaining so much weight.  The veterinarians also heard an echo-sound from her heart so we are keeping her for observation at the moment.  She might be available for pet in a few weeks - we are not sure yet.



Epica is back with us

2018-08-04 23:23

This week sweet Epica came back to us from the hostfamily.  We hope we are able to make her live here with us now.  Unfortunately Gina was not so happy about Epica coming into the group and we had a dipute between these two girls and had to separate them.