The cats feautered on this page are neutered cats living in our home 

CH Firing's Rags Felicia

DOB: September 9th 2008

Felicia is the foundation of our cattery. Our very first Ragdoll   She is mother of Disney litter and Lyrics litter. 


NO*Glassrosens Hector Barbossa


DOB: August 8th, 2014

Nellie is just the sweetest boy you could ask for   He was featured in the very first Cats of Instagram book, @cats_of_instagram have over 7,4 million followers on instagram, so you could say he is somewhat of a celebrity   

Nellie is the father of these litters:

The Scientist Litter

The Casino Litter

The Doctor Who Litter

The Queen II Litter

One litter with 4 kittens for DK Kittydolls

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