Links to information about HCM and PKD

All our cats - pets and breeding cats - are HCM n/n (Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy) DNA tested to be negative for the Ragdoll marker.  We have worked with, and tested, of our lines from the beginning, and have never used a HCM carrier in our breeding program.  In 2015 and 2016 we have had kittens from 4th and 5th generation with our catteryname.

During previous generations our cats are tested free for PKD - which is a kidney disease,  and not very common in ragdolls at all.  

We do bloodgroup testing before matings, and make sure that we breed with bloodgroup A (or Ab/AB).  

All kittens are checked for 2 kidneys at first and second veterinary control.


At present there is a new health problems in ragdolls - dwarfism.  Not the kind of dwarfism related to an individ bred to be as small as possible, but a genetic desease that leads to death of the kittens -most dies from the age of 12 weeks and up to a few months of age. The Scandinavian Ragdoll Club has written an article about the problem.  At the moment it seems like the illness are traced back to a cat by the name Patriarca Gucci.  

Please read the article - and the update who shows number of ill kittens in matings done in 2015 and 2016 in Sweden. Dwarfism - article by Scandinavian Ragdoll Club.  We do not have have PG-matings in our breeding programs.


LInk to Westeros MCO webside´s  MyCatDNA by Genoscoper to order test material and information about the tests :)