A key aspect of being a host family is trust, it is very important that we are able to communicate and work well together, otherwise it cannot work 

Dersom du bor i Fredrikstad eller omegn, og kunne tenke deg å være forvert for en katt fra oss vil vi gjerne høre fra deg.  Send en mail til og fortell litt om deg/dere så kommer vi tilbake til dere så fort som mulig.   

In order to be able to improve and develop our breeding program, we sometimes need to keep and use more cats than we can keep in our home.  Normally this we be a kitten we are saving from one of our litters, but sometimes we need to rehome a breeding female who is not pleased with staying in a group of cat

We might keep from one the kittens from the litters we are planning in 2018 - please get in touch if you are interested, and lives maximum one hour from Fredrikstad.   Please read below, and remember that we will take a deposit at NOK 5.500 when you get the kitten.  This amount will be refunded when the agreement is forefilled. If we decide that that the cat is not going to be used in our breeding program, we will keep the deposit as payment for the cat. Same case if the hostfamily for any reason returns the cat to us.  


We will make a contract with the hostfamily - varying a bit from cat to cat. We have decided to make a new contract for the small kittens.  The host family must pay a deposit when they get the kitten, and the deposit will be refunded when the agreement are forefilled.  The hostfamily pays the insurance, annual vaccinations, veterinarian expences and all other expences related to be a cat owner (food, cat-trees, toys etc.).

To be a host family for a female kitten means that she will have two/three litters within a period of two till tree years.  The litters shall grow up in the home of the host family.  All expences related to the pregnancy, and the childhood of the litter will be paid by us.  When the agreement is forefilled the deposit will be refunded.  The hostfamily pays for the the neutering of the female, and ownership will be transferred to the host family.

To be a host family for a male is a bit different.  Host family will have no litters to take care of, but must be aware the fact that the fertile male might mark inside the house.  They therefore must be prepared for this, and take it into concideration when they want to become host family for a male.  The host family must have a room for mating, and must be prepared to take care of females for mating - the expences related to this will be paid by us.   When it is time to neuter the male this expence is to be paid by the hostfamily.


Host families can under no circumstances have other fertile cats in their household, and for health reasons, neither cats that are allowed to stay outside freely.