GIC DK*KittyRags Humphrey

In loving memory
August 9 2009 - January 20th 2014

October/November 2009 the prettiest face in the world turned up in our facebook newsfeed. Humphreys! It was love at first sight, and he had to be ours   Humphrey was nearing 12 weeks and at this time there was stilla rule saying cats over 3 months had to have a rabies vaccine before coming from Denmark to Norway. This would be our first import and the time was short, a process like this would with the govermental insitute that handles this normally take 14 days, and we did not have that time. However, they were very kind and fixed all the papers we needed in just one day! November 6th 2009 the dream came true and Humphrey came home   He was our favourite ever since ;) shh.. Humphrey always did well at shows and he loved the attention, he would look up in the roof when the judge looked at him, like he was saying the judges were not worthy of looking at his excellency!:D He was the best friend anyone could wish for - the perfect cat   November 2011 Humphrey unfortunately got very ill with gallbladder problems, he had a major surgery, but recovered! His illness has nothing to do with his lines, it is nothing hereditary, it is simply one of those things than unfortunately can happen to anyone. In May 2012 he was on his first show again after being sick, LIRAK - The saturday went well, with his certificate, Best In Variety of course and nomination to the best in show panels. Sunday he got all these too, including his Grand International Champion title - and.. His first, and only Best In Show!! There were 7 judges there, and Humphrey got all the votes!   Not so long after he was neutered and he stayed with us as the most perfect pet and show cat. Unfortunately in August 2013 his illness caught up with him again, and in January 2014 we decided he deserved to get peace. It was an awful decision to make, but we tried everything for him, we would not have him suffer.   Humphrey really was a dream come true, there will never be anyone like him. But we are so thankful for the few years we had with him. Would not trade them for anything   Thank you very much, Marianne, for trusting us with this most perfect, flawless boy. 

 Humphrey, you will always be my faviourite