Litter "Dicrezia"

Our Disney Villain litter


Our first litter of the year has finally been born   Date of birth is August 10th, 2017

Parents are Mirumkitty Lucrezia and DE Wanderduene Dino. Only two babies were born in this litter, but we look forward to see how they develop. 

Name  Gender  Color/Pattern  Status 
NO*Glassrosens Edgar Balthazar   male  RAG a 03  On hold for us 
NO*Glassrosens Madam Mim  female  RAG a 03  Stays


Litter "Dise" 

Our Bacteria litter


This litter was born on August 24th, parents are NO*Glassrosens Lise Meitner and DE Wanderduene Dino. Kittens can be with or without lynx :) This litter is growing up with our host family, Siril and Andreas - they have also started their own cattery, NO*Arctic Sapphire and have their first very own litter with Lise's mother :) You can find the link to their cattery on our links page.

Name Gender Color/Pattern Status
NO*Glassrosens Serratia Marcescens   female  RAG n 03 21  UE
NO*Glassrosens Vibrio Fischeri  male  RAG a 03 21  UE
NO*Glassrosens Proteus Mirabilis  male  RAG n 03 21  UE


Here you will find a full list our our current kittens and their status.

all our matings are hcm n/n



UE - Under evaluation.
On hold - the kitten is on hold but might be available later.

Booked - Waiting for Reservation fee. 
Reserved - Reservation fee has been paid.
Sold - the kitten has been fully paid for. 

NB:  Reservation fee is not refunded if you change your mind, or deliver a kitten back to us for any reason not related to the health of the kitten.  For example - if you're allergic and deliver the kitten back we will keep the reservation fee, and you will get a refund that equals the rest of what we get for the kitten when we resell it  (re-sales price without the reservation fee).